Nancy Harms is a young star in the international world of jazz-music, with her very own expression both in performing the well-known jazz standards by Ellington a.o. – and her own songs. “Nancy’s dedication to jazz is complete. She is abundantly gifted, and her interpretations reveal her to be a fine actor as well, as she possesses a natural ability to movingly express the meaning of any song. A gifted jazz specialist and an intuitively brilliant interpretive artist” (A. Vogel, N.Y.)

In 2009 she released “In the Indigo”, her first CD. It was followed up by “Dreams In Apartments” (2013) and her latest recording, “Ellington At Night” came out in 2016, where it immediately became a great success. She is currently working on material for her next release.

Nancy Harms who is currently giving concerts around the world will now come to Jamaica for the first time, where she will be performing with a jazz-trio consisting of some of the best jazz-musicians in Jamaica: Orville Hammond (piano), Dale Haslam (bass) and Desi Jones (drums).