Iset Sankofa forges ahead of the turntable constellation with a stunningly refreshing kinda sound. This is the ‘all genres considered’ milieu… where dusty Malian Blues takes a night stroll with Dub, Naija hip hop flirts dangerously with Kingston Dancehall grit,  and bubbly Brazilian Electronica steams a peace pipe with Afro-Jazz futurism.
For this self-described ‘bird’, she is always reaching beyond the beyond and fetching back what she terms as musical source-code. In that, we can find a song or a groove so undeniable in it’s appeal that it not only builds on the idea of the universality of music but of sound itself. Her musical selections have a way of running past the dance-able and the obvious. Usually, the next stop is a bold convergence of history and magic – one that playfully wields the listener into the lush, downright sensuous terrain that music can be.
For Sankofa, hers is an imagined and realized terrain where digital divides are effortlesly bridged in 128 BPMs and new music lifts a hat to traditional sounds via a kind of time-travelling-self-discovering-remixing sort of aesthetic.