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The Ward Theatre as we know it was built in 1912 and is the third theatre to stand on the same site since 1775. It stands as a Jamaican landmark and a showcase for the nation’s culture. Its mission is to function as a civic & cultural centre thus providing a home for the development and exposition of the Performing Arts. Unfortunately however it has been closed to the public for a number of years as it is in need of repairs.

KOTE 2014 intends to bring public awareness to this heritage site by fostering community and national unity through the medium of Performing Arts. Following the KOTE Volunteer Community Cleanup (June 14-15) held in collaboration with the “Re-Ward Project”, “Music Unites Jamaica” and “Musicians Without Borders-Trenchtown Music Project”, the space has been brought into a “useable” condition. While there is no doubt renovation needed on the building, this event intends to re-introduce Ward Theatre and its cultural importance to the General Public.

ALPHA BOYS SCHOOL ORCHESTRA / Jamaica’s most renowned musical cradle presents a mix of Ska & Reggae.
RELATIONSHITS by Jean Small / A poignant performance piece highlighting the dynamics of relationships.

A TALE IN FOUR by The Moder-Ashbourne Gang / Rosina Moder (Recorder), Peter Ashbourne (Piano & Violin) Joel Moder-Ashbourne (Piano), Jeremy Moder-Ashbourne (Drums)

LIFE by Fabian Thomas / Spoken word performance pieces focusing on the balancing act called life.

Trova by Luis Felipe Bellorín / One of Venezuela’s foremost lyricists performs a root of Cuban music, Trova.

Cello Performance by Cat Coore / One of Jamaica’s musical greats graces the stage.

Dub Poetry by Randy McClaren

Relationships: Time, Space, Music, People / Street Meets Studio (a performance company) investigates what happens when different worlds collide. Kerry-Ann Henry, Neisha-yen Jones, Bullet Proof Clique, Ewan Simpson, Tafani Buschaecab, Henry Miller, Kevan Douglas, Jordache Jones.

No-Maddz / dub poets, actors & musical group that combine theatricality with witty musicality.

**Secured parking at Family Court on King’s St., beside Kingston Bookshop provided by Atlas Security

***Refreshments courtesy of WISYNCO