If you are looking for lively entertainment in town and great music to lift your soul then come to Redbones Blues Cafe on Friday, July 25th for the Alpha Spectacular, a live music performance by past and present students of the famed Alpha Boys School. The Alpha Spectacular will mesmerize you with an energetic mix of mento, gospel, R&B, ska, and reggae music. Music will be provided by the Alpha All Stars and the Alpha Boys Band. Recognized for having “released the spirit of one of the most musical islands in the world” (The Telegraph/UK), music and culture fans are invited to Redbones on July 25th to feel the spirit in person. Proceeds from the event will directly assist the Alpha Boys School and its trade programs. The gate opens at 7:30pm and showtime is 9:30pm.

“Music is the gift that keeps on giving,” says Alpha’s music director, Winston ‘Sparrow’ Martin. “The Alpha Spectacular will be a big gift to students, the music loving public and the entire Alpha family. It’s not just spectacular, it’s Alpha Spectacular!”

Many of Jamaica’s greatest music personalities left Alpha and then spread their musical wings all over the world. July 25th is a day to not only celebrate that history but also recognize the present talent among Alpha graduates and current students. The Alpha All Stars are past students from Alpha who are now professional musicians led by the current Alpha band master, Winston ‘Sparrow’ Martin. Playing an infectious repertoire of Jamaican jazz, ska and reggae music, the Alpha All Stars are your musical passport to an amazing catalog of classic hits. If you are interested in learning what the future of Jamaican music will sound like, look no further than the Alpha Boys Band which will also be performing a special program for the evening.

The Alpha Spectacular is in part a student-led production with representatives of Alpha’s Business Club involved in the planning, promotion and production of the event. The Business Club was a 21-week program between January 2014 and June 2014 in which Alpha students learned how to combine their vocational training with entrepreneurship skills. The Business Lab delivered the program at Alpha with the support of the Digicel Foundation.