Jamaican born Canadian poet Michael St. George returns from Toronto after his last local performance nearly two years ago.   MSG’s conscious verse and fresh musical sound have earned him international industry awards and peer recognition. MSG’s work is dedicated to justice and social equity.
Akinsanya “Lloyd Palmer” is recognized worldwide as the keyboard player and dub poetry vocalist in the Uprising Roots Band. His early roots as a poet began with groups, Dub Traffickers and Poets in Unity.  He has always been known strong social commentary and emphasis on his Rastafarian faith.
CVM Television sportscaster Samuel Gordon has been described by the Poetry Society of Jamaica as a “phantom member of the Jamaican literary scene; from whom much is expected”.    Gordon has performed on all stages in Jamaica where literature is delivered; including being a featured performer at the Calabash Literary Festival at the time being the youngest performer in the Festival’s history.
Emerging Roots Reggae singer Kazam Davis will feature in the acoustic segment for this Seh Sup’m’s installment. Kazam is a humble Rastafarian who hails from the Twelve Tribes of Israel.