Alicia Sinclair is a  graduate of Georgia State University with a B.S in Psychology.  As a teen she had ambitions to be a singer, but was encouraged by my mother to write songs. She has been writing poetry since she was sixteen years.  She found writing to be therapeutic in expressing emotions.  For past year she has been sharing her writings with friends and was encouraged to enter  open mic at Redbones. This she did two months ago and now will be appearing as one of Redbones featured poets.  She plans to take creative writing  classes to expand her writings.

Dean-Roy R. Bernard hails from the group Poetry in Motion. He is a Jamaica College Old Boy, but currently attends Ardenne High School where he is in Upper Sixth Form.  His main ambition is to become an Attorney at Law but given his talent as a poet, he believes it is his prerogative to enrich and impact Jamaica and ultimately the world at large through his poetry.