Ras Shaddai developed a passion for the arts at a very tender age.  He started writing while attending primary school where he won numerous essay competitions. He soon pursued other passions namely Painting, Drawing and Poetry, but his love for poetry led him to choose a career path in Dub Poetry.  He has written over 100 poems and has performed as opening acts for numerous artistes.  He continues assiduously to disburse a powerful message connecting each of us to our ancestors.  Inspired by Marcus Garvey, Haile Selasie & other evolutionary freedom fighters, Ras Shaddai has a passion for writing poems about Africa.  Some of his energizing Dub Poetries are “The Iam” “I travel through Space & time” “Black like a Rock” to name a few.

Oshane Henry hails from Tawes Pen in Spanish Town. He is a past student of Kingston College and accordingly shares the personal mantra ” Fortis Cadere Cedere Non Potest,” which when translated to English is read “The Brave May Fall But Never Yield.” He defines himself as poetry in motion and began revealing his poetic prowess at the age of 17.  He is an aspiring Attorney-at-Law and his currently pursuing his LLB at the University of London. Jovial, intelligent and  Enterprising are just a few words that would define his true characteristics.