Erika Heslop Martin is a multi-talented, young and inspired Poet born in Kingston. She is the author of 3 books: “A Poetic Revelation”, “The Power of Words” and “A Poetic Journey”. Her poems have been published in the Sunday Gleaner, the Jamaica Observer,, facebook, and she has been featured and interviewed by the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) for television and radio.  She is a member of  JAM Copy, Poetry Society of Jamaica, Book Association of Jamaica and  an Executive Director of the Jamaican Writers Society. She has been a featured Poet for Independent Voyces and (Stanza, a poetry competition organized by Pacesetters’ Toastmasters Club) and has been a Judge for two consecutive years.  Erika enjoys singing, dancing, photography, motivating others, reading, writing and most of all she is in love with Poetry…..

Dawn ‘tigox” Macgregor-Bromfield is a poet raised in England and is the eldest of three girls for her Jamaican father and Dominican mother. Dawn came to live in Jamaica in the early 1970s. Inspired by the beauty of the country and its people, she started writing poetry and found that she had the aptitude to write at well. Friends and schoolmates capitalized on this by requesting poems for their boyfriends and for gifts to family members. They would furnish details and she would put these into poetic form. TheTigox collection covers a wide range of topics. In 2002 she was presented with an award from the International Society of Poets acknowledging her as a poet of Merit. She was also nominated as a finalist in Redbones Writer’s Award Competition in 2014 #Tigox Poetry.  Dawn is a Computer Systems Specialist, a Director of Information Technology at a private high school, and is a freelance computer trainer.