Gigi McFarlane singer and songwriter, half jamaican but grew up in Spain. This is her first time in Jamaica. She has her soul band back in Barcelona but she came by herself with her guitar.
She’s going to play covers (Tracy Chapman, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner…) and some of her original songs that will be included on her album.

Tamara Forrester was born in Kingston Jamaica and migrated to The U.S at the age of 12yrs.  She found solace in travel over the years and has touched down in myriad countries around the world.  She is a poet, singer, and dancer.  Her Divine name is Jah Love.

Mavric Webb also known as Gong Bard aka Don Etheral aka Gong Assis was born in Waterhouse. He , currently resides in Portmore.  He won a JCDC silver medal for his poem , “Art of poetry”.  He was instrumental in the creation of the Poetry Bloc, a poet collective. He has been nominated for Redbones poet of the year. He is currently seeking publication for his book called Art of Poetry.