Melissa Muther is 25 years old, a singer and songwriter from Germany (Cologne). She probably always has been singing, she doesn’t exactly know when she held a longer tone for the first time, but she always did it consistently and with passion. “This is what it’s all about”, she says. “Sounds, harmonies and the right beat. Everything else comes on its own. You have to learn to sacrifice some of your control, learn to surprise yourself. That way, moments emerge that are unique.” She freely blurs the boundaries between Jazz, Soul and R’n’B in her very natural way. After her high-school-diploma she moved to Essen to study Jazz at the Folkwang University of Arts. In 2015, she graduated as a Bachelor of Music and was very grateful to have had learned so many things. With the volunteer program “Musicians without borders” Melissa came to Jamaica. We are very glad to have her on Redbones stage with her Quartet before she has to leave Jamaica.

Kayo Yoshida (Piano), JAPAN
Jeremy Ashbourne (Drums), JAMAICA
Alvis Reid (Bass), JAMAICA