MACHU EZRA: Jamaica’s next reggae sensation with an R n B flare. Machu Ezra holds back no emotions when showcasing his unique perspective on telling his story with music. This edgy artist brings a different yet nostalgic side to Jamaican music that exposes vulnerability and delves into the deep corners of human emotion and experience.Who is Machu Ezra? P A R A D O X. That’s Him. He is a Jamaican Singer/Songwriter who writes with Love. Feeling. and Affection. Or Does He?

JANE MACGIZMO: “Think Beautiful”  That’s the motto of Kingston-based dubtronica recording artist and model, Jane Macgizmo. Enticing and rebellious, her unique voice and style defines a new Jamaican sound…one that will leave you wanting more…

THE GREI SHOW: The Grei Show is an anomaly often confused with a traditional/conventional artiste/producer. But one such as The Grei Show can only be defined as Grei.

KAT C.H.R: Growing up in Jamaica’s capital city, Kingston, where Reggae & Dancehall rule the airwaves, Kat C.H.R always trodded her own musical journey. A sultry, haunting voice, intermixed with soulful lyrics, alternative beats, and flavorings of Reggae gives birth to her style – ‘alternative lovers’ rock’.