Kingston On the Edge Urban Art Festival (KOTE) began in 2007 as a nine-day, multiple venue summer arts festival. It celebrates the artists who live, work and/or are inspired by Kingston and exposes the artistic gems and powerful community spirit so often buried beneath negativity.

KOTE features Studio and Performing Arts including painting, sculpture, installation art, ceramics, textiles, jewelry, furniture design, graphic design, photography, film, animation, poetry, dance, theater, live music and anything else the artist can conceptualize.

The Festival allows for opportunities to discover Kingston’s vibrant art and the city itself, as the upwards of twenty individual events are held in disparate locations from the surrounding city hills to the downtown harbourfront.
Interested in Participating?

If you have a concept or idea for an event in mind OR if you are an artist who would like to participate please contact us directly with a proposal at:


Kingston on the Edge Urban Arts Festival- Jamaica 2012