Jasazii describes herself as a multi-racial, multi-national, multi-ethnic, multi-media being belonging not to men and nations nor religions nor disciplines, but rather to All That Is and All Who Are of righteous good.  Promoting life and health and balance are her endeavors whether teaching yoga or channeling reiki or practicing art.  “My art, as well as the rest of my life’s work is to heal myself and others” she is fond of saying.

Jasazii is currently focusing her artistic talents in sculptural portraiture in terra cotta and other low-fire clays.  The focus is to explore her subjects’ eternal selves/vibrational  frequencies.  If the subject is “made up” that being reflects ancientcy which inspires the viewer to remember  themselves in previous lives which is enlarging as well as enhancing one’s experience in/with  life.  This enlargement of one’s human experience is healing as it expands us out of our temporal selves.  Her other works use natural materials such as wood and shells and corals and crystals and feathers, etc. in order to glorify and celebrate Mother Earth.