Local Reggae singer-songwriter D-Medz is on a mission to enrich listeners with the release of ‘Empower’, his highly anticipated live-play roots reggae EP.

Patrons are to enjoy popular and new material from the album, including the hit single ‘Rebel Soldier’ which has been making chart impressions as far as Ghana, Africa as well as his new single ‘Champion’ produced by Dean Fraser which has been making the rounds on local airwaves since its release.  Backed by the Step by Step band, other featured songs on the set will include ‘Mama Love’, ‘Street Smart’ amongst other new material. The D-Medz showcase will also be supported by regular session reggae musicians Iba Mahr and Exco Levi.

The follow up to his debut compilation ‘Road Tonight’, the 6-track ‘Empower’ boasts an exclusive roots reggae vibe and features collaborations with some of the most talented musicians and producers in the business including Dean Fraser, Robbie Lyn and Glenroy Browne.

“This album is very personal to me and it’s going to be an exciting night, a rejuvenation of sort of the local reggae scene. There is no cover charges so if you enjoy reggae music, you will definitely enjoy the set” said D-Medz.