Demetrius is a focused and spiritual individual, he identifies Most High as his constant supporter over the years and has dedicated the lyrical and performance aspect of his career on the conscious, family oriented genre of music. He aspires to use music as a medium to communicate, words of life, encouragement, and hope to the youths and everybody else that will listen. ‘Let thy will be done’. Demetrius- ‘Music, my antidote from this confused world, where there’s no such thing as an overdose’

Simiji, the wounded lion was born in Sierra Leone. In 1991 when civil war broke out, his life changed forever. His parents’ house was destroyed, several relatives perished and he became a refugee fleeing death and danger. Rebels killed two of his uncles and one of his younger sibling died from malnutrition on his mother back as she trekked hundreds of miles in search of sanctuary from the bloodshed. His beloved grandmother who raised him was burned to death in her own house – in front of his eyes. And he became the ‘running African’ journeying hundreds of miles seeking refuge.

After many traumatic turns and painful episodes he just opened a new and promising chapter of his life story in Jamaica, with his recent graduation from the Edna Manley College’s School of Music with an associate degree in music performance. He’s now working on his bachelor’s degree. And he’s also getting ready to launch his first album.