Every term Avant Music Academy has a Mentors Concert at Redbones Blues Cafe to showcase its mentors and promote the school. This one will feature Steve Golding who has an illustrious career as musician from being a founding member of the Fab 5 group and then being the guitarist for Peter Tosh in the band “Word, Sound and Power”.

He also made his name with “Ossie D and Stevie G”, a cabaret act that was popular on the North Coast and major functions throughout Jamaica. The night will also feature the talents of vocal mentor Nicolleen Brown who is the most recent addition to the team of music mentors and administrators at Avant Academy of Music. We will also be hearing from Steve’s Cabaret partner Ossie D and they promise to share an exciting set of Jamaican dancing and music.

Playing in the band will be Seretse Small on guitar, Adrian Hemans on Keyboard, Dwayne Livingstone on Bass and Desi Jones on Drums