Duo Contemporary Fine Art Exhibition and Sale
Hosted by Artists Lisa Lej and Shawn Ashman
At Redbones Blues Café 1 Argyle Rd, Kingston – Tuesday, December 09, 2014- Saturday December 13, 2014.
5pm – 9:30pm

Young and budding Artist and Entrepreneur, Lisa Lej, long side Shawn Ashman, is please to present the exhibition of contemporary fine art painting and mixed media from Tuesday, December 09, 2014- Saturday December 13, 2014 at 5pm -9:30pm.

On Friday December 12, 2014, The Artist, Lisa Lej will be metamorphosed into a fine work of art as she will be painted and accentuated to express her art through the body and soul hence bringing her art to life. Experience art in live and living colours as the artists explain their inspirations behind each piece of work.

Lisa Lej considers the human anatomy, to be a magnificent work of art, the mind to be a spectacular realm of vast artistry and the spirit to be that portal via which the beauty within the realm is transmitted to the physical form enabling others to experience the by-product of the imagination. Her website can be found at lisalej.wix.com/lejarts. She also can be reached at lejart.ja@gmail.com.

Shawn Ashman has been exploring painting on canvas for over ten (10) years. She is known for her daring color pallet and emotionally charged abstracts. Her website can be found at www.shawnashmanart.com. She also can be reached at shawn.ashman@gmail.com.

Both artist are of Jamaican Nationality and proudly represent their culture through the Visual Art with a contemporary flair.