It’s incredible to imagine, but this year Redbones is celebrating its 21st Anniversary! On December 6 1996 Redbones Blues Café was born and has become a beehive of cultural and culinary activity ever since.

The original venue was a Spanish Colonial style building located at 21 Braemar Avenue followed by a move to 1 Argyle Road in 2010 that allowed for our expansion.

Some of you may have heard that we might be moving imminently however this is not the case. We will continue at our present location until the end of December 2017.

We are extremely excited that Winter 2017 will see our growth once again with the opening of our hotel in New Kingston. We will continue to engage the public with a love affair of understated elegance, superior service, top-notch cuisine, incredible entertainment and most importantly unforgettable memories all while overlooking the city of Kingston!

Come hang out with us and Stay Tuned for what comes next!